Hong Tai Industries is a leading PVC car mat manufacturer based in Malaysia. Despite our relatively young establishment, we have successfully grown from strength to strength which begin with the ability to satisfy our customer's need.

With innovation and excellence as our core values, our company enjoys good record and reputation among car mat enthusiasts globally. Our wide distribution network have successfully carved new frontiers in domestic and global markets, reaching out to countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, India, Vietnam, Korea and Philippines.

Customised Car Mat
We’re the tailor of car mats. We measure, cut and fit your car mat according to your car shape and size. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our car mats better, safer, and more stylish.

Car mats is not just to sit there and look good, here are five things your car mats do for you:
Keep you safe.
A high-quality custom mat keeps you safe by staying in its place and never slipping. Just to be sure, our mats have three ways of keeping you safe.
Industry research has shown that 94 % of all dirt that enters a building is brought in on the soles of shoes or by wheeled traffic. This dirt creates a health and safety issue due to the increased risks of slips, trips or falls. By specifying the correct type of entrance matting dirt and moisture transfer into a building is restricted and this risk can be significantly reduced.
Vission & Mission
"Keeping Your Car Floor Clean & Comfortable"
"Quality Car Mat To Enrich Your Journey"